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Yards By Us trenchless irrigation system helps your lawn recover within 15 days

No Trenching. No Mess.
Our system is so efficient that typically within 15 days, you will only barely tell we were even there.

Trenchless Pipe Installation
Yards By Us uses state of the art equipment to install all of their irrigation underground pipe. Our installation is done by using a vibratory plow. This machine has a blade on it that shakes thousands of times per second, cutting only a small slit in the ground. Attached to the end of the blade is a bullet that opens up a hole underground for the pipe to follow behind.

This process makes for a very clean professional installation, with a quick recovery time for the sod.

Yards By Us trenchless pipe installation

Irrigation Brands

Weathermatic®, Hunter®, Toro®

We install and service all irrigation brands.


Rain Bird®

An automatic sprinkler system is no longer a luxury.

An automatic sprinkler system is no longer considered a luxury - it's an absolute necessity. When you choose Yards By Us to install your irrigation system, you are making an investment which will not only help the environment by saving water, but will help save you time and money. Yards By Us will match any price on irrigation installation, so call us today for a free estimate!

Yards By Us irrigation systems will save time Save Time
When Yards By Us installs your automatic sprinkler system it takes the work and worry out of watering your lawn. You can forget about tripping over sprinklers, fixing leaky faucets, and hauling hoses around the yard. While you're enjoying your free time, your lawn enjoys the right amount of water in the right spots and at the right time.
Yards By Us irrigation systems will save money Save Money
With the installation of a Rain Bird irrigation system, Yards By Us can help you add value to home while helping you save money on your water bill. Gone are the days of forgetting to water your lawn, or over watering which can damage your lawn and expensive plant materials. An automatic sprinkler system can end those mishaps, and will protect and extend the life of your landscape.
Yards By Us irrigation systems will save water Save Water
All of us must do our part to protect and preserve our environment. The best place to start is with the most precious natural resource of all: water. If you're like most homeowners, you're using 50% more water than your landscape requires. The solution isn't just watering less, but watering more efficiently. This means using the right amount of water, evenly distributed in the right place at the right time. A Rain Bird automatic system installed by Yards By Us can make all of that possible.

Included With Installation

Yards By Us - averaging one week turn-around or less on irrigation systems installed! FAST Turnaround
Average installation in one week or less!
Yards By Us Price Match Guarantee Price Match Guarantee*
We use premium products, and deliver outstanding service and results. We guarantee that we can match the price you're currently paying for outdoor services. Call today for more information.
Yards By Us includes 5 year warranty on Rain Bird Irrigation systems 5 Year Warranty on Rain Bird Irrigation
Rain Bird Irrigation Systems include a 5 year warranty.

*Prices matched only on written estimates by reputable lawn care services, at the discretion of Yards By Us.

System Includes

Rain Bird ESP Controller
  Rain Bird Wireless Rain Sensor
  Rain Bird Rotor Heads
  Rain Bird Pop Up Spray Heads
  Rain Bird Valves
  Backflow Preventer
  Includes Fees/Permits
  Installed To Your Local County Codes
  Guaranteed 100% Grass Coverage
  Head to Head Overlapping Water Coverage
  24 Hour Emergency Service 365 Days Per Year
  Reputable Firm That Guarantees Your Satisfaction
  Financing Available (For Qualified Home Owners)
  Spring / Summer / Winter Irrigation Service Plans

Yards By Us Rain Bird Irrigation System

Yards By Us Rain Bird Irrigation System

Yards By Us Rain Bird Irrigation System


We have financing available!

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